Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Design for Gift Card Holders

I stopped work on the new clutch I'm designing because I had this brainstorm for creating cute gift card holders Monday night.

A friend mentioned that she was buying gift cards to a local grocery store for a few families that need a little help and could use food more than something to sit on a shelf this year. What a great idea!

I thought this gift could use a little fun too and instead of being stuck to a cardboard hanger or put in a store envelope, I designed a holder that can be used for a variety of things after the gift card has been redeemed. It's a gift that keeps on giving!

I listed a set of four on Etsy and am working on thirty more for the holidays, friends, craft fairs and more!

These are the ones listed on Etsy!

Hang these holders from the Christmas tree for a cute and functional decoration. Add Lottery Tickets, Gift Cards, Jewelry for the holidays or use as business card holder or wallet and add your keys to the loop for when you're on the go!

I'm back to working on the denim clutch and on a new design for a handbag. Sneak peeks to come!