Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get Organized with Stack 'N Store Bobbin Tower

January is always a "get organized" month for me with a fresh start to the New Year. My blogs have been sporadic this month while I'm in this organizing frenzy (sorry!). After the craziness of the holidays and sewing/designing non-stop for the past couple of months, it's time to make sure I'm ready to do it all again this year :)

I have great organizers in my studio for ribbons, trims, beads, zippers, thread and fabric, but my sewing machine bobbins always drive me crazy! I use lots of different colors of thread on my bags - especially when I do freehand machine embroidery. That means lots of spools of thread and lots of bobbins. The bobbins are always scattered across my shelves, on the sewing table, tucked in closed boxes and unraveling everywhere. Frustrated with spending tons of time trying to find the right color, I usually just end up winding a new one.

This month I ran across a perfect storage solution for my bobbins. The Stack 'N Store Bobbin Tower from Clover and Nancy Zieman holds up to 30 bobbins, keeps the end of the threads secure and I can easily see all the colors. It's $15.95 plus shipping. Love it!!

Here's the link in case you want to order one (or more!) for yourself:

In future posts look for information on accounting programs if you own a craft business and a sneak peak at the paint color for my hallway and living room!