Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Back!

The house is so quiet today. The kids are back at school and hubby is at work.

We had a whirlwind vacation and a wonderful time. Now it's back to work since I need to catch up on my offline orders and start my handmade Christmas gifts for family and friends.

It's been such a busy year for The Crafty Panda that I have not had as much time to devote to creating things for my family. The little ones added an extra special request to their Christmas lists for Mommy to make them two new stuffed animals. This week I'm sketching out designs for a spider and for a large teddy bear.

Last year, I designed a 6 foot lizard to the squealing delight of my son. This year, he has requested a "friendly", but "real looking" spider. I'm up for the challenge!

Lizzie the Lizard - too long to fit in this photo!

My youngest wants a large black teddy bear with orange details. This week I purchased lots of anti-pill fleece (easy to work with and is better for our allergies than the faux fur) and stuffing!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! A special thanks to my Mama and Papa for hosting an outstanding dinner, letting the kids rake leaves and jump in the piles (a dream come true for the little ones since in southern Florida we never have enough leaves to rake) and much needed relaxation for us at the "resort".

Back to gift guides this week and new designs!

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